Welcome to my blog!

I’m Bee.  A few months ago, I decided to stop working, sell my house in the Bay Area, buy an RV (also known as the MoHo) and travel around the US for the next year.  The goal is to see the lower 48 states, spend time with friends around the country,  make new friends and enjoy everything that this great country has to offer.  When I’m not driving or sightseeing, you’ll find me running, reading, knitting or working on innovative hot chocolate recipes.

p.s. My real name is Jill.  My mother’s nickname for me is Queen Bee – or just Bee for short.

Snug is the nickname of my dog Juno.  Juno is my co-pilot.  He handles security and is also the perfect conversation starter as many people have never seen a Bedlington Terrier.  The reason I call him Snug  or Snugs is because he snuggles up next to me at night – he is the most snuggly boy.  Juno’s hobbies include chasing squirrels, bunnies, and cats, eating treats and napping.