Hunkered Down in Dallas

I’m currently sitting in a hotel room in downtown Dallas.  I had booked a room at the Magnolia Hotel last night because is was close to the original Neiman Marcus (opened 110 years ago!), pet-friendly and I figured I would splash out for a day/night, do a little shopping, enjoy a long hot bath, etc etc before heading up to Oklahoma this afternoon.  What I didn’t plan on was the severe weather that is currently blanketing the plain states and the midwest.  A couple of tornadoes have already been seen in OK the last couple of days and more are predicted for today/tonight, along with hail and severe thunderstorms.  And there’s also a flash flood warning for a good chunk of OK. So clearly I’m not heading to Oklahoma today.  A friend of mine suggested I head east instead into Louisiana which I thought was an excellent idea.  Unfortunately they are also in store for heavy rainfall this weekend.  Soooooo…. I’m staying put here in Dallas for another day/night. I’ll reassess things tomorrow morning and go from there.  Whether I go north or east is TBD.  The good news is there is plenty to do here in the DFW area so I will make the most of the day.  I already walked down to the JFK Memorial Plaza this morning with Juno – very striking and austere.  I opted not to take a picture.  But here is a pic of the MoHo parked out in front of the hotel:


The last couple of days have been pretty mellow.  Juno and I drove out to Brenham, TX to visit Blue Bell Creamery.  No tours were offered that day but that was okay with me since the ice cream parlor was open.  Got a generous scoop of milk n’ cookies ice cream for $1. Very delicious – the only sad thing is they don’t offer milkshakes.   I even met a woman wearing a GS Warriors t-shirt (technically a Steph Curry tee). And yes – I shared my ice cream with Juno.


After I polished off my ice cream (AKA lunch), we went over to the Antique Rose Emporium. This is really just a large nursery but they have all sorts of wonderful displays, including a faux cemetery and the most innovative use of pots I’ve seen

Driving back to Austin late in the afternoon, I was starving so decided to pop into Texas Chili Parlor for Frito Pie.  I’ve been to TCP a couple of times before and once again, it did not disappoint.  I got the XX chili, loaded mine up with all the raw onions and jalapenos they gave me (the only one I was kissing that night was Juno) and ate the whole thing.


Alright, I know this is a short post but like I said, it’s been a mellow couple of days.  Time to get dressed and get down to the front desk to re-book my room.  Then it’s off to the Cowgirl Museum in Ft Worth!

Have a great weekend – who knows where I’ll be next time I check in!

One thought on “Hunkered Down in Dallas

  1. Poor Juno … I can almost smell those onions all the way over here in SoCal. Let’s hope that The Snug doesn’t get indigestion. Like the pots!


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