And…… we’re off!

I finally departed the comfort of my mother’s house in Carmel on Thursday morning. Preparation for part deux of the road trip was A LOT easier that the first time.  First off, I did a deep clean of the interior.  I will admit the fridge smelled gross but it was my fault for not doing a proper cleaning BEFORE I put the MoHo into storage last December (I won’t mention the rancid water bottle). I basically left the kitchen intact so the only thing I had to do was pack up the electric tea kettle and my ever-present juice maker.  My duvet and pillows also were left packed – just got a fresh set of sheets and towels.  Juno’s kibble and other assorted goodies were returned to their previous spot, along with his new Chewy Vuitton toy (only the best for Snug!!)  Clothing was a snap – since I will be traveling over the summer, I needed very few pieces of warm clothing.  Flip flops, t-shirts, shorts, sandals, done.

But before leaving town, I had to take a couple of David and Goliath pix of the MoHo next to my Fiat.  The second pic is a bit deceptive – trust me, the MoHo is really big compared to my cute little Italian speedracer.  Did I mention I got chastised by the Mayor of Carmel for zipping around town too fast in the Fiat?  When I asked how he knew it was me, he said “You’re the only one with blue hair.”  Oops. Checkmate.

First stop on the itinerary – my sister’s house in Northridge.  Spending time with my niece Bridgette and my nephews Aaron and Trevor is always a blast, even when we just bum around the house.  A few highlights – watching Bridgette run a 3,000 meter race at her track meet.  Did I mention she led all the girls and came in first???? So awesome.

There was also the baking of cupcakes, watching Vision Quest (Aaron has started wrestling so important that he see this epic 80’s movie) and marveling at Trevor’s Lego of The Death Star. He built it last year and it took him a week.  He was 8.  Yeah.  It’s really impressive.

Before leaving on Saturday morning, the kids and I had a little selfie session.  We tried to be serious but things devolved quickly.  The best – or perhaps the worst – of the bunch:

From Northridge, I headed south to Newport Beach and my friend Erika’s house.  Erika and her family just got a Border Terrier puppy named Nacho and he is friggin adorable. Unfortunately, Juno is not a fan of Nacho and has spent most of the last 36 hours trying to avoid him.

We’ve been fairly low-pro this weekend – massages, good wine and food and sun.  It was nice lying on the deck and working on my tan this afternoon.  But I am completely drained and thinking I’ll be asleep by 9pm.  Sooooo tired.

Here’s a quick overview on what’s to come in the next week. After a quick load of laundry, I will depart for Las Vegas tomorrow morning where I’ll spend a couple of days visiting with my dad.  From there, I’ll drop down into Arizona.  As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve spent a lot of time there so I probably won’t spend more than three days this time around.  Then onto New Mexico which is a new state for me so super anxious to get there!

Thanks all for your patience while I took the winter off.  Should be back to regular blog posts (every 2-3 days) now that I’m back on the road.

Still holding at 31 states for another few days…