Does it count if I didn’t drive?

It’s hard to believe I’ve been off the road for over three months now.  As I mentioned in my last post, I settled rather quickly into life in Carmel-by-the-Sea.  I found gainful employment in town doing sales at a consignment boutique that specializes in high-end designer clothing, handbags and shoes.  For those that know me well, you will understand that I’ve been having a difficult time saving any money.  On the upside, I’ve gotten some amazing clothing in the past couple of months.

The part of the job I love the most is that I’ve gotten to tap into my inner stylist – I get to dress the mannequins however I want and I even got to style a fashion show a few weeks ago.  Here are a few images and yeah, I’m basically up to my eyeballs in Chanel.  It’s a tough life…

As far as my partner in crime goes, Juno has also settled into life here and enjoys running on the beach – albeit avoiding the water at all costs.  Pretty much everyone around town knows who he is and I even get to take him to work with me on Sunday mornings.  One day, we dressed him up in a Chanel belt and charm purse – is this not the cutest thing ever?  The other picture was just taken of him on the sofa – he got groomed yesterday so he’s looking particularly delicious.

Anyway, last weekend was my annual trip to Phoenix, AZ for spring training (can’t remember if this is the 4th or 5th year that I’ve done this).  It’s the usual crew – John, Holden, Elena, and Stu with a guest appearance by Aunt Holly.  The timing was also good as my friend Kyle was also in town.

The weekend kicked off with Kyle and I meeting up in Peoria to watch the Mariners take on the Reds.  Let me say for the record that Peoria, AZ seems about as far as Peoria, IL.  Really friggin far away.  Like almost $75 round-trip in Uber fares for the day.  Ugh.  But the stadium was really nice, the weather was perfect and the home team prevailed.

Sunday was the A’s playing the Cubs. Despite the fact that the A’s were the home team, the crowd was about 2/3 Cubbies fans…  Apparently it’s just as hard to get a ticket to watch the Cubs in Phoenix as it is in Chicago.  I will admit I left the game in the 5th inning because the A’s were down 7-1 and I wanted to lie in the sun.  Wouldn’t you know it – the A’s game back to win 10-8!

I should point out that the A’s game was the start of my “blue tongue” syndrome.  First I had blue lemonade, followed by cotton candy ice cream that was also blue.  But then we went to dinner and for dessert we had birthday cake covered in Dodger Blue icing in honor of John’s birthday.  At that point, I basically looked like some weird creature from Star Trek with my blue hair and blue tongue.  Even my teeth were blue!

The weekend went by quickly and I flew out Monday morning and was back in Carmel in time for pilates at 4pm.  Boom.

So the question remains, does Arizona count as part of my state count if I didn’t drive there?  And does it count if Juno wasn’t there?  I’ve been to AZ a lot (easily 10 times) but I’m going to make an executive decision and say that no, it doesn’t count.  Not until I drive there in the MoHo and Juno is with me.  So there.

Of course, the question that keeps coming up is when am I going to hit the road again? The answer is soon.  I’m planning to get the MoHo out of storage the beginning of April.  I need to take it out for at least one overnight to make sure all the systems are working and I do need to take it for servicing for a few minor repairs.  Assuming everything is in good working order, I plan to head out the end of April.  The south beckons and I’m getting antsy.  I imagine it will take me about four months to do the remaining states but I’m not putting a time table on it.  I totally winged it the first time and it worked out well so why change now?

Any and all suggestions for the southern states are welcome.  Marfa, TX is on my list.  And I’ll try and hit a few more baseball games too.  Super excited for the Carolinas, and Savannah, GA.  Hopefully the humidity won’t kill me.

State count:  Still 31