In Medias Res

Let me start this post by extolling the virtues of cruise control.  I don’t think I ever used this feature over the last 5 months – it simply wasn’t practical when driving the backroads and one-lane highways with variable speed limits and lots of twisty, turn-y roads.  But now that I am on I-80, I have become the cruise control master.  Set it, forget it and it’s easier (though not easy) on the body.  My body is hurting – all I can think about is getting a long massage when I get back to California.

The last few days of driving have been fairly uneventful, which is exactly what I want when driving hours on end.  I made it to Joliet on Saturday and stayed in an RV park next to a casino.  All the water was turned off so I only had access to electric, but it was only $20 for the night so all good.

Yesterday I had a “light” day of driving – only 5 hours from Joliet to my friend Dana’s house in Adel, IA (right outside of Des Moines). I arrived just in time to catch the Raiders game and to enjoy a delicious homemade meal of pot roast, green bean casserole and pumpkin bars.  I then proceeded to make a mess of Dana’s kitchen by making cookies for my upcoming book club/cookie exchange.  Juno slept with Abby and I slept like the dead.

This morning, I decided to take a little detour up to Jefferson to visit Robby at RVP 1875. He and I met over the summer when I dropped by to visit his workshop to ogle his incredible hand-made furniture.  We’ve stayed in touch and it was great seeing him again – was just sorry I couldn’t hang out longer.  But the road beckoned…

After 6+ hours of driving, I have just landed in North Platte, NE at a cozy La Quinta with free breakfast and a king-size bed.  Yep, I’m pretty much smack dab in the middle of the country.  I wish I could regale you with tales of all the incredible things I’ve seen on the road over the last few days but there hasn’t been anything.  This is exactly why I’ve avoided the interstate as much as possible when I was heading east. It’s the backroads and one-lane highways that really make this country special.  But for speed and efficiency, you can’t beat I-80.  The only exciting thing that happened today on the road was that I hit 20,000 on the odometer.


Since I have nothing of interest to share from a sightseeing perspective, I’ll just end this post with a quick recap to what I’ve been listening to on the iPod:  Me First & the Gimme Gimmes, lots of Pink Floyd, Queen, The National, Sigur Ros, Grinderman, The Black Keys, Queensryche’s Operation Mindcrime (in honor of Robby) and pretty much every album I own from The Sword.  I think for my drive into Wyoming tomorrow, I’m gonna bust out the Metallica.  Say a little prayer that the weather remains good the next couple of days for my journey through the Rockies…

p.s. For those of you who weren’t forced to take four years of Latin like I was, in medias res means “in the middle of things”.

4 thoughts on “In Medias Res

  1. I BEG TO DIFFER … you were NOT FORCED to take Latin. Besides, look how handy it is now. You might want to consider writing your next post entirely in Latin.


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