The Two Towers

I’m keeping this post brief because a) I’m tired and b) because I don’t have that much to report.

Spending the weekend in Media, PA with my friends Karen and Linda was just wonderful.  We did end up going for a 4 1/2 mile hike/walk in a state park near their house on Saturday morning.  From there, it was off to lunch and a couple of excellent Bloody Mary’s!  A stop at Bevan’s Own Make Candy topped off the afternoon before returning back to their home for a homemade dinner and a few episodes of Last Tango in Halifax.   Pretty much a perfect day in my book!

The temperature dropped big time on Sunday and we woke up to temperatures in the 40’s with crazy strong (cold) winds.  After bundling up, the three of us (with Juno, natch) drove over to Swarthmore College.  The campus is just gorgeous and we thoroughly enjoyed our stroll around the grounds – the bells tolled in the tower while we were there which was a nice touch.  FYI re the selfie with the purple tree in the background…  apparently the tree is dead and as opposed to digging it up, the students painted it purple.  Pretty cool.  From there, it was a another stroll around town with a stop at a liquor store to pick up peppermint schnapps – I was in charge of making the snugglers!  We spent the rest of the day watching the Eagles/Seahawks game, making ugly sweater cookies (I tried to make mine more Jewish with a menorah and a dreidel) and drinking hot chocolate.  Yep – another perfect day!

Leaving my friends on Monday morning was sad and I am hopeful I will get to see them again soon.  It’s funny how even though we hadn’t seen each other for 18 months (and that was when we met), it was like no time had passed.  I guess when you climb Mt Kili with someone, you’re bonded for life!

I wasn’t expected at my friend’s place in Brooklyn til later in the day so I took the extra time to meander over to Princeton, NJ for a walk around the campus and another around the town.  Beautiful stone and brick buildings, nice town with cute shops – a great way to spend an afternoon.  Sadly, the bells didn’t toll while I was there…

Side note:  I had been told a few months ago by someone I had met that gas/diesel is super cheap in New Jersey.  Unfortunately, I had forgotten this fun fact and had topped off the tank while still in PA, paying $2.49/gallon for diesel. Can I tell you how annoyed I was when I saw that diesel goes for $1.97/gallon in New Jersey?!?!?!  Grrrrrr….

I’m in Brooklyn now at my friends Candia and Stuart’s lovely apartment. I took the MoHo in for servicing this morning to Mercedes in Brooklyn and will be picking it up tomorrow.  I decided to do the 20,000 service a bit early.  Why?  Well… I have some news.  Winter is coming and I’ve decided to return to NorCal after Thanksgiving and spend the winter back on the West Coast.  Several reasons for this decision 1) It’s getting dark early which means I need to be parked by 4:30pm at the latest each day since driving the MoHo around in the dark isn’t something I like to do. 2) When it’s cold/rainy/snowy, it’s not fun doing activities.  3) This is the big one – nearly everything I want to do is closed for the season.  Why carry on when I can’t do/see the things that I want?

Anyway, I’m going to hot-foot it across I-80 and am planning to be back in the Bay Area by 12/2.  I’ve got book club on 12/3 and tickets to the Raiders/Bills game on 12/4.  Then I’ll head down to Carmel, get a part-time job and just hang out for a few months.  My plan is to resume the trip in Mar or Apr – taking the southern route across this time. While I have loved being on the road, I admit that I’m looking forward to taking a break. Questions? Comments?

Happy Thanksgiving and for those of you back in NorCal, look forward to seeing you soon!

State count: 28

p.s. Don’t you just love my never-ending LOTR references?


4 thoughts on “The Two Towers

  1. The prefect decision then you get to see what you wanted to at a great time when everywhere will be open.

    Helen See you soon safe travels.


  2. So excited for you and glad you are headed home for a break. Carmel is the perfect place to take a break;) I love, love, love following you and looking forward to your journey in the spring.

    Maybe we can meet for coffee if you are in the hood. Would love to hear about your travels.



    PS travel safe back home.


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