O? HI! O…

It’s always nice when you can be pleasantly surprised.  That’s how I’ve felt about my time in Cleveland and Ohio in general. I’ll be honest – I went to Cleveland to see LeBron play and that was it (the Rock ‘ Roll HOF was a bonus).  But as it turns out, there was so much to do and see that I spent another day and a half tooling around the city.

I was told to check out the Westside Market so that was my first stop on Friday morning.  It was one of the few times I wished I had a bigger fridge and kitchen in the MoHo.  The cheese options, bakeries, butchers, spice vendors – it was incredible.  I went to the juice bar, stopped for an apple fritter and then just wandered up and down the aisles. I didn’t come away empty handed as at least I could get fruit and veg for my daily green juice.

From the market, I headed over to Lake View Cemetery.  This is where President James Garfield was buried and that was my first stop.  The memorial is quite striking, both inside and out.  Is it wrong that I also took a picture of the Pokemon Go request? Hard to believe that this is actually a problem.

After visiting the memorial, Juno and I took an extended stroll around the grounds of the cemetery. With the fall colors and the unusual headstones, it made for a great morning of picture taking.  These are my favorites:

I literally could have spent hours walking around the cemetery but there were other things to do.  Next up – finding the “Cleveland” signs around town. There are three of them scattered around; however, I could only find two.  The idea is you get excellent views of the city from the various locations.  Mission accomplished.  And I had a nice “pay it forward” moment because I took a picture of someone at the first sign, someone took a picture of Juno and me at the second one.

I ended up in the Tremont neighborhood (another recommendation) late in the afternoon where I met Evelyn while walking Juno around Lincoln Park.  We had such a nice conversation that we ended up doing three laps of the park together before we said goodbye.  Tremont reminded me a bit of Temescal in Oakland – happy I got to spend some time there.

The next morning I was super pumped because I discovered that “The Christmas Story”   house was literally five minutes away from where I was parked.  I zipped over intending to get a ticket for the first tour at 10:15am and lo and behold, it was sold out!  The place was already teeming with people by 9:50am and by the time I took the tour at 10:45am, the place was a madhouse.

The tour was so much fun – I need to post a review on TripAdvisor.  Lee was our guide and there’s nothing better than doing a tour where you are encouraged to play with everything.  I took full advantage of the props and even got into the infamous bunny suit and slippers (complete with Ralphie’s glasses) and took a sad face picture on the stairs.  Lee inadvertently took a selfie before taking the picture of me so of course I’m including it (hi Lee!!)

It was time to depart Cleveland for Canton.  Next stop – the Pro Football Hall of Fame! Was slightly annoyed that they charge $10 for parking, especially since there is no one “manning” any of the lots (get it?!!?), but whatever.  I liked the mini field out in front and it was great seeing the busts of some of my fave Raiders from over the years.  Howie Long is still my favorite…

There wasn’t a ton of Raiders merchandise in the HOF shop but I did manage to find a new hat and you gotta love the Raiders snuggie…  And then I had to do the “touchdown” pose in front of the HOF sign (wearing my new hat)

That just about wraps up my adventures over the last couple of days. I drove to Dundee from Canton and am staying at a very nice RV campground in the heart of Amish country (they have rainfall showers in the bathroom!!) Turns out that the area I’m staying in has the largest Amish population in the country. Normally I’d be out taking in the sights but since it’s Sunday, everything is closed.   So I’m taking full advantage by doing laundry, deep-cleaning the inside of the MoHo and just lazing about.   There’s an indoor pool here so that’s where I’ll be heading shortly.  It’s a gorgeous day and life is good.


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