Seeing 23 in 23

I rarely write about the music I listen to when I’m driving.  But I feel I should mention that Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds kept me company while I drove across central/western Pennsylvania. I had to listen to something that would get me to stop singing Billy Joel’s “Allentown” every time I’d see a highway sign.  And I bet you’re now singing it too…  The song is addictive and difficult to stop singing.  Nick Cave’s oeuvre saved me!

I left Hershey and made a quick stop in Harrisburg to see the capital.  I have to be honest – the capitals are all starting to look the same (Iowa is my fave). From there, it was a three hour drive to Pittsburgh and a stop at the Strip Markets.  Not much going on during the weekday but still nice to have a stroll after the long drive, especially since it was in the 80s and hot!  I found this one piece of street art that I liked outside a fish market:

After spending a rainy night in a nice neighborhood in Pittsburgh, I awoke to gray skies and cooler temps. I drove downtown and Juno and I enjoyed a nice walk across the Roberto Clemente Bridge.  It looks like people are turning it into another Pont des Arts with all the locks.  The view was really quite stunning.  In the picture below, the Roberto Clemente Bridge is on the right – the Andy Warhol Bridge is on the left (and was closed for construction)

My final stop in Pittsburgh was Mt Washington to enjoy the view.  Totally worth it!


It was time to make my way to Cleveland.  But before I proceed, I should mention that I will be returning to PA in a couple of weeks time…  Will be visiting the Philadelphia area when I return.  Woo!  As per usual, a picture of the welcome sign:


While the World Series was going on, I actually debated heading to Cleveland a couple of days earlier to try and get a ticket to game 6.  But when I discovered that SRO tickets were going for $1,300, I decided to take a pass.

I got to Cleveland yesterday afternoon and my first stop was the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.  The place is so cool and I seriously could have spent an entire day there watching footage, listening to music and seeing all the exhibits.  As it was, here are a few notables:  Elvis’s suit, the original lyrics to Metallica’s Whiplash, Rob Halford’s studded jacket, Frank Beard’s furry drum kit, “Pink” and The Wall.

But the real reason I wanted to get to Cleveland was to watch the Cavaliers play the Celtics. I got a ticket earlier this week and was thrilled to get a seat right behind the basket.  Even though I’m a Lakers fan, I’m a big fan of LeBron James.  The game was pretty much a blow-out but I still had a blast – besides the game, there are so many “exhibits” in the arena to see.  Note: That is NOT the real LeBron that I’m standing in front of…  and my hand is soooo much smaller than Kyrie Irving’s!

Bottom line, I got to see #23 play in my 23rd state.  How fortuitous is that?!?!

State count: 23!

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