Pizza and Pups

I am currently sitting on a bed in my pj’s at the Ramada in Clarks Summit, PA.  I just had a yummy patty melt from the restaurant next door for dinner and am watching the World Series on low (so I don’t have to listen to Joe Buck).  About two hours ago, I nearly had a meltdown in the MoHo so my situation has much improved since 6:30pm – more on what transpired later…

During my last post, I alluded to my plan of hitting Mystic Pizza while Juno was getting groomed (also in Mystic).  Well, mission accomplished!  They have the movie playing on a flat screen in the back of the restaurant and all sorts of autographed photos adorn the walls.  But most importantly, the pizza was damn tasty.  I got the buffalo chicken (blue cheese dressing on the side for dipping) and yeah, I pretty much ate the whole thing.  Evidence below:

After lunch, I cruised back to Mystic Clippers to pick up Juno and it was Bedlington Terrier madness!  The owners of the shop have two Bedlingtons: Marquis and Paris.  I don’t think Juno was nearly as excited as I was but I ended up hanging out a good 30 minutes playing with them.  So… can you find the Snug??????

The next day, I found myself in New Haven.  Juno and I had a nice stroll around the Yale campus which has the most beautiful library I’ve ever seen (picture below left).  What is hard to tell from the picture is there there are two buildings – the tall one in the back contains the stacks. Seriously. Amazing.

After walking around the campus, I made my way over to Pepe’s Pizza.  I was told about Pepe’s when I was in Bristol during my first pass thru CT so thought it was important to check it out.  As it turns out, there’s a reason people talk about Pepe’s all over the state.  It is that good.  This time I managed to get a picture BEFORE I consumed the whole thing.  And while the spinach mushroom side was delish, the quatro frommagio side was unreal.  I’d also like to point out the truck in front of the restaurant – rocking an Alaska license plate and a Raiders shield. Yep – we’re everywhere… (Side note: slightly upset that the year I leave town is the year the Raiders start playing well again but I’m okay with it.  Still can’t believe we’re leading the AFC West!!)

I  parked in a cozy neighborhood in New Haven on Friday night and in Greenwich on Saturday night.  Parking was a bit of a challenge in Greenwich because there’s very little street parking – I guess they don’t need street parking because people’s homes are so huge, they can easily accommodate 50 cars on their driveway.  I looked on Zillow and saw several homes in the 8 figure range for sale.  Check out this one:

Today started out as a great day.  My friend Lori came out from NorCal and was kind enough to take the train up from Manhattan and meet me in Greenwich (which I renamed Moneyville) for some lunch and shopping.  It was so much fun catching up though we were having problems taking a decent selfie – these are the top 3:

While we were taking silly pictures, Juno made a new friend too!

Rain was imminent so after saying goodbye to Lori, Juno and departed for PA. It rained most of the way but I still managed a good picture of the Pennsylvania Welcomes You sign:


So I had called an RV campground this morning located outside of Scranton and confirmed they had availability.  Sadly, Google Maps Lady put me in the wrong spot.  I called to get correct directions and was told that I was only 5 minutes away.  More like 30 minutes – down a dirt road – and in the middle of nowhere.  And the guy was already gone when I arrived.  I called again to get info on where to park…

“Go down to the right past the gravel pile to the bottom of the hill and make a left.  Any of the spots you see are open.  Oh – and please leave $40 under the office door.”

This place was frightening.  Broken down RVs and I’m all by myself.  It was something out of a horror movie.  And $40?  Uhhhh… no.  So I left.  This is when I had the pseudo-breakdown.  Because it was now dark, I’m literally in the middle of nowhere and have no clue where to go.  Fortunately, there was a pet-friendly Ramada back in town and they had a cozy room available for $79.  Free Wi-Fi, complimentary breakfast, and a fitness room. Worth every penny.  So once again, I am a happy camper.  Now if only Joe Buck would get sudden laryngitis, life would be perfect.

State count:  22



3 thoughts on “Pizza and Pups

  1. The Snug is in the middle photo on the right and the rear Bed in the bottom photo. The other Beds look like they need a bath … desperately.


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