What Purgatory Looks Like

When I left off last time, I had just gotten back to my Uncle Jerry’s house in upstate New York. I had planned to spend two nights there before heading back out on the road but I ended up spending an extra night for a couple of reasons: 1. There was a big horse auction on Monday in Saratoga Springs that I wanted to see  2. It is so nice hanging out with family that I just didn’t want to leave!  And not just because there’s a bathtub, a fridge full of food and laundry facilities.

The horse auction was really fascinating.  We watched the live auction for awhile and then wandered out to the warm-up ring and then around the stables.  A couple of the horses went for over $60,000 and $70,000 dollars but lots went for only $1,000 and several didn’t get bid on at all.  That made me a little sad.  I thought that maybe I’d trade the MoHo for a horse and finish the trip that way but Juno doesn’t like horses so I kept my hands in my lap for fear that even scratching my head would lead to an inadvertent purchase.

I took a short video of the horses being warmed-up in the ring outside before being led into the auction pavilion.  You can hear the auctioneer in the background – do they go to special auctioneer school to learn how to do that?

On Tuesday morning, I re-packed the MoHo and headed down Rte 87 for the CIA in Hyde Park.  Cooking-school CIA, not spooks CIA…  There are lots of restaurants on the campus (which is beyond gorgeous) and I ended up at the Apple Pie Bakery and Cafe.  Even though I was full from the curried carrot soup and grilled cheese sandwich (with prosciutto!) I still got dessert.  Presenting the peanut butter and jelly-filled donut.  They make the concord grape jelly from scratch.  And yes, it tasted as good as it looks.

I met up with my Aunt Renee at the FDR presidential museum and library after lunch.  Very informative – I could have spent all day there.  My favorite part was a wall with letters FDR received during his time as President.  The best one simply said “ATTABOY!”

After a rather warm night in New Paltz (it was in the 80’s the last two days), Juno and I took a walk over the Hudson River Pedestrian Bridge yesterday morning. The view was gorgeous and in the middle of the span, I met Amy and her husband Robert.  Amy was kind enough to take a picture of me and Juno.  Special shout-out to my mom who got me the awesome shirt I’m wearing when we were in Salem together.  Slightly hard to make out but it says:  Go on road trips, swim in the sea, count the stars, fall in love, be free. The final shot was taken while I was driving across the Mid-Hudson bridge which parallels the pedestrian bridge.

About 30 minutes later, I found myself in Connecticut!  Yay for a new state!!  There was a nice rest stop where we had lunch and a quick stroll before continuing onward.

The Carousel Museum in Bristol, CT was my destination for yesterday afternoon – another place mentioned in my Off the Beaten Path book.  Let me tell you – I am now full of knowledge on the subject of carousels… The museum had so much great info and I took far more pictures that I am posting here.  These are just my faves – note the carved horse head and the manatee – both still works-in-progress.  Fun fact – any animal that is NOT a horse is considered to be a part of the menagerie.

They apparently hold quite a few weddings here and people get married in front of the rooster (above) as this is the only animal that seats two!  Of course, the carousel museum wouldn’t be complete without an actual carousel and even though I was the only one there, I took a ride.  It was 2 minutes, 40 seconds and while I could have been done after 45 seconds, I stayed on til the end.

Today was another busy day.  Juno was due for some shots so we headed off to the vet.  From there, we moseyed up to Hartford to see the capital.  Very grand building:


I had planned on going to the Mark Twain house afterward but when I got there, I discovered the tour was $19 (spendy) and the next one wouldn’t be leaving for close to an hour.  So I took a pass.  But I still got a few fun snaps of the house, of Lego Twain, and of a car I saw in the parking lot!

Back across the border to Massachusetts where I found myself in Purgatory.  Purgatory Chasm, that is!  Another OTBP suggestion and definitely a good one!  FYI – the picture of me in between the rocks – there’s maybe a foot of space between the rocks.  A tight squeeze and good thing I had a light lunch today.

I found a nice RV park here in Bellingham, MA where I’ll be for the evening.  My friend Sarah (Scares!!) is flying into Boston this weekend so I’ll be heading back there tomorrow and will there for the next 5-6 days.  Yay!

I’ll finish this post with a few more shots of the amazing fall colors  (and another round of Find the Snug!)  Never get tired of looking at the trees – I’m guessing in another week, it’ll all be over.


State count: 20!!


One thought on “What Purgatory Looks Like

  1. GREAT POST!!! Probably one of the best, if they can even be rated. The pictures of the color change (including the one with the amazing falls) are nothing short of spectacular. Glad you’re enjoying the shirt … it certainly should have your name written all over it. And a great big THANK YOU to Uncle Jerry and Aunt Renee for making you feel so welcome by bopping around with you, sharing their home, bathtub, and laundry facilities, keeping so many photos from the good old days when you were just a Baby Bee, and being the kind of family that “family” is all about.


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