There and back again…

Let me start off my saying that Vermont is a scary place.  When you are driving on the highway, you are constantly reminded to remain alert for moose.  And then when I was in Burlington, I saw signs everywhere on the sides of apartment buildings that read “Not Responsible for Falling Ice and Snow.” In short, you are taking your life into your hands when you’re in Vermont.

Yesterday was a busy day.  I started out by taking the ferry from Charlotte, VT across Lake Champlain.  It was a beautiful (albeit crisp) morning and 25 minutes after departing the dock, we landed in Essex, NY.

My father recommended that I visit Ausable Chasm in upstate NY so that’s where I headed next.  The falls are nothing short of spectacular and deserve their own picture:


All the adventure options (rafting, rock climbing, traversing rope bridges and so on) were closed for the season so I just did a couple of short hikes along the chasm and along the upper rim.  Slightly annoyed that the walk was $17.95 but it was very picturesque.  Please note the above picture was taken from the bridge and didn’t cost a dime.

When I was in Burlington, I met a very nice gentleman named Zed and his dachshund Chocolate Mousse while I was out walking Juno.  Zed suggested I visit Isle La Motte, home of the world’s oldest coral reef.  As it turns out, Isle La Motte was an hour north from Ausable so off we went.  I was so close to the Canadian border that I started seeing Maple Leaf flags and signs in both English and French.  But the other thing about Isle La Motte is that it’s in Vermont! So I drove over a bridge and boom, I was back in Vermont – the scary land of moose and falling ice.

Isle La Motte was an interesting place to visit and I’m glad that we took a walk around the Goodsell Ridge Preserve.  From there, it was back across the bridge to NY. So in case you’ve lost track, I started my day in VT, went to NY, went back to VT and then back again to NY. I’m guessing my fellow LOTR fans can appreciate the title of this post.

I stayed at the North Pole RV park last night in Wilmington (just outside of Lake Placid) and woke up to frost on the ground and a temperature of 28 degrees.  But it warmed up by time I got to Saranac Lake for a hike up Baker Mountain.  This is the lowest of the Saranac 6 and I do hope to go back to the Adirondacks in the not-too-distant future and hike the other 5 peaks.  The view from the bottom was just as incredible as the view from the top.

I’m now back at my uncle’s house outside of Albany and will be posted up here for the rest of the weekend trying to figure out a game plan for the next month.  With 99% of RV parks closing this weekend and temperatures dropping, I may need to speed up my timeline for heading south.  Everything is TBD but right now it’s just nice to sit here on the couch watching a movie with my uncle while a fire crackles away in the fireplace.

Nitey nite, y’all


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