Cider, cider and more cider!

The really good thing about New England is that the states are small and it’s easy to zip back and forth across state lines.  The bad thing about New England is having to see truckloads of people every day wearing Patriots gear.  There’s even a version where the “patriot” is a moose.  Tuck rule…  I’m still bitter.

Anyway, I finished up my time in New Hampshire yesterday and while my time in NH was short, I feel like I packed a lot in. I managed to get Juno out for a proper hike up to Greeley Ponds in the White Mountains and while we never did manage to see the ponds themselves, the leaves and trail were so beautiful that it didn’t matter.

I also did a quick stop at Lincoln Woods to gawk at the leaves and once again, the pictures don’t do it justice. The best part of the stop was the couple I saw on the bridge in the distance as I was leaving…  The girl was wearing short shorts and maybe it was in the mid 50’s (I was bundled up in a coat and hat).  I should mention here that the temperature dropped significantly the last couple of days – was in the 30’s the last two nights.  Frosty.

From the White Mountains, I proceeded to the Castle in the Air – a massive property built in the 20’s with incredible views.  There was a short stroll to a waterfall on the drive up so Juno got to join me for that part of the experience…  The house itself was nice – my favorite part were these “needle” showers that were installed.  Yes, yes, I’m all about bath time.  Can I say now how much I miss my Japanese toilet???

I spent a final night at Riverbend Campground near Moultonborough and the manager Jill had just won the Skillet Toss at the Sandwich Fair the previous weekend (she was proudly wearing her blue ribbon).  Please note that the Sandwich Fair has nothing to do with sandwiches – it’s just the name of the town. I find this slightly tragic as I would love to go to a fair that is about sandwiches.  Second note – Jill practiced her skillet tossing skills by throwing horseshoes in her spare time.

Yesterday had me crossing the state line to Vermont – yay!  I immediately drove to Montpelier for a stroll around the capital.  It warmed up and the last couple of days were just glorious. During our walk, I found some amusing building art…

From Montpelier, it was a quick jaunt up to Stowe, which I had heard was not to be missed. So true!  The town is adorable, the people are super friendly and I found a place to get a vanilla malted.  The funniest part of the afternoon was when I was stopped behind a couple while Juno was intently sniffing a rock.  I guess I had been standing behind these folks for a good 30 seconds when they felt my presence and finally turned around and looked at me.  I realized what I had done and apologized profusely… “I’m sorry!  I’m not pulling a Donald Trump, I swear!”  They laughed, I laughed… all was well.

I haven’t really mentioned the fall colors all that much but let me say here how they have surpassed my expectations.  These are colors that I’ve never seen before and cannot be simply described as red, orange and yellow.  They are truly glorious, as evidence here shows from two pictures taken yesterday afternoon in Stowe:

Today was another one of those awesome days.  After leaving Stowe, I had several stops scheduled in Waterbury – the Cold Hollow Cider Mill, the Cabot cheese factory store and Ben & Jerry’s!  The Cider Mill is a wealth of all things related to apples – they have cider jelly, cider mustard, cider donuts, hot apple cider – and the list goes on and on. As for me, one cider donut, a mug of hot apple cider, 10 different cheese samples and a small scoop of ice cream comprised my breakfast/lunch today.  Needless to say, I had an apple and green juice for dinner tonight.

I had been very excited about taking the Ben & Jerry’s tour but I’ll be honest, it was a little disappointing.  They charge $4, it’s 30 minutes and you basically see nothing of interest (we read Ben & Jerry’s: The Inside Scoop for book club so I know the company’s history). Small scoop of ice cream at the end and it’s over.  But I did manage to sort of get Juno to stick his head through the sign.  And we really didn’t get Broccoli ice cream – it was Strawberry Cheesecake.

After departing Waterbury, I found myself in Burlington which is where I’ll be hanging tonight and possibly tomorrow night before returning to New York.  Juno and I took a walk along the shore of Lake Champlain and the whole beach is covered with cairns!  Not sure how it started but will investigate further tomorrow.

That’s all for now.  It’s only supposed to get down to the 50’s tonight so I’m posted up on a nice residential street for the evening.  Tomorrow the forecast is calling for rain so I’ll be at the laundromat.  Good times…

State count: 19



One thought on “Cider, cider and more cider!

  1. Great photos, as usual. Happy to see your hair back to normal. Broccoli Cheddar Cheese ice cream??? Major YUCK!!! But WAIT … tell us more about that fabulous knit hat you’re wearing.


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