The Clock is Ticking

The vacation from my vacation is officially over as I am writing this post not from a cozy hotel room but from the KOA in Woodstock, New Hampshire.  I arrived here awhile ago and I swear, this place is like one big Patriots tailgate. People have big-screen TVs set up outside and everyone is sitting around in their Pats gear drinking beer.  At the same time, there’s a Halloween parade type thing going on – all the kids are in their costumes going around the park and trick or treating. Mind you, it’s October 9th.  Here in New England, most of the schools are closed for Columbus Day so it’s a 3-day weekend. That explains why this place is so packed.  It’s all good though…

Anyway, the last few days of my vacation with my mom was jam-packed.  As previously mentioned, Boston was our home base for the final three nights we were together.  We drove out to Rockport on Thursday morning – a cute town with smaller fishing boats.  The barrels of haddock in the picture below is used for bait in the lobster traps.  The seagull is named Fred.  The picture on the top right is one of my faves – capturing the harbor perfectly!

We had asked the owner of the Risky Business lobster boat for advice on where to have lunch and he suggested Roy Moore Lobster Co. so after working up an appetite, we moseyed on over. The place is basically a shack with picnic tables in the back.  We both had lobster rolls for lunch (natch) and then I had the brilliant idea to get two more to go and have them back at the hotel for dinner.  Done and done.  Juno and Tiger were both given some tasty salmon and you gotta love the lobster trap love seat in front.  All the guys that work there are super friendly and I’m so glad we went there.  Needless to say, both lunch and dinner were fan-friggin-tastic.

Friday has us zipping across the Charles to Cambridge for a walk around Harvard.  The campus is beautiful, full of old brick buildings, historical landmarks every 20 feet and super smart kids racing to and from class.  Of course I got a picture of the John Harvard statue (which you all remember isn’t actually John Harvard).  I was pleased to see that even Harvard has a Little Free Library on campus.  I imagined I would open it up and see the collected works of Shakespeare, a few philosophy tomes and perhaps some Proust. What was actually in the LFL is in the picture below:

Yep, Tom Clancy and L.Ron Hubbard…  For the record, there were a couple of issues of The New Yorker on the bottom shelf. Personally, I thought this “collection” was hilarious.

I spent the rest of Friday afternoon at a hair salon getting my hair re-dyed blue (which you will see soon enough) and then my mom and I sat at the bar at Atlantic Fish Company and had a fantastic dinner.  I got my last lobster fix with a small bowl of bisque (not chowdah ((thanks for the video Clay!!)) ) and on the way back to the hotel, we saw this banner in front of a church.  Good luck with that…


My mom and Tiger departed from Boston Logan yesterday afternoon (thank you again mom for a great week!!), at which point I cruised back up to New Hampshire.  My plan was to just meander around New England the next few weeks and enjoy the fall foliage as long as possible.  But it turns out that 99% of all RV parks in New England shut down on 10/15.  So the clock is ticking and I’ve had to accelerate my timeline.  Because as much as I love parking in towns, I still need RV parks every few days to refill my fresh water and dump my tanks.  Working on new plans now.

I posted up in Concord, NH last night.  The capital dome is under construction, similar to St Paul.  I should also mention that yesterday was Juno’s 7th birthday.  I gave him extra belly rubs, long strolls and a birthday cookie, which I may or may not have shared with him.

This morning had us venture off to the Sculptured Rocks in Groton, another place mentioned in Off the Beaten Path.  Totally in the middle of nowhere but sooooo worth the drive.  Bonus game:  Find the Frog!

But the best site of the day was early this afternoon.  I actually turned the MoHo around so I could get a proper picture. I think it speaks for itself…


That does it for now.  I wonder if any of the Pats fans around here will be streaming the debate later?  I’m guessing not.


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