Maine-ly Lobster

Since my mom arrived on Saturday evening, I’ve basically been on vacation from my vacation.  Hotels every day, eating out every meal, taking hot baths every night… it’s pretty awesome.  Lobster was the backbone of our meals during our time in Maine.  It started with Portland Lobster Co where even the food buzzer is lobster-shaped!  The lobster rolls were tasty – but doubling down with the onion rings on top of the fries was a bit much.  Oof.

I’m not one for taking lots of food pictures – all I will say is that over the course of our time in Maine, I ate three lobster rolls, a lobster cobb salad, lobster stew and even lobster creme brulee.  (Just kidding about the creme brulee)  Please note that I have been offsetting my lobster consumption with trips to the gym every morning.

We meandered up to Bar Harbor on Sunday, with stops along the way in Rockland and Camden. Quick shout-out here to my friend Jordan who put together a fantastic New England itinerary for us.  The drive up was lovely – the further north we got, the more color change we saw along the highway.

Bar Harbor was crazy busy since it’s a big cruise ship destination.  Nevertheless, we had a great time wandering around and taking in the sites.  The first pic is the view from my room at Balance Rock Inn:

Monday afternoon had us exploring Acadia National Park and it is just gorgeous.  We did the loop and stopped to take a couple of “nature strolls” at Sand Beach and Jordan Pond.  I also saw an interesting relic so thought I’d take a picture as I figured no one would believe me… yep, an actual pay phone!

We drove back to Portland from Acadia and holed up there for an additional two nights.  We spent all day yesterday wandering around and just enjoying the town, the amazingly beautiful weather and one of the best lunches I’ve ever had at Eventide.  Selfie at lunch – the other picture pretty much sums up the day:

Another great day today in Portsmouth, NH en route down to Boston.  We’ll be chilling here the next few days but have day trips planned to Gloucester, Salem, and Rockport.  We also discussed hitting Harvard and seeing if any of the collective brilliance rubs off just by virtue of being on campus. I’m guessing not but worth a try.

I’d like to wrap up this post with a conversation I had last night with the person who handles room service as this was one of the more amusing interactions I’ve had in recent memory:

Me: “Hi, I’m wondering if you have a soup of the day?”

Room Service “No, we don’t serve any soup.”

Me: “But you have clam chowder listed on the room service menu.”

RS: “Well yeah, that’s chowder but we don’t have any soup soup.”

I guess chowder isn’t soup.  The rest of the discussion revolved around temperature control issues which is why they couldn’t serve soup soup.  They transferred me to the restaurant where I got a voicemail box, at which point I hung up.  Needless to say, I did not get soup last night.

Maybe you won’t find this exchange as funny as I did but it’s late, I’m tired and I need to go to bed.  So on that note, buh-bye from Boston.



4 thoughts on “Maine-ly Lobster

  1. Hi Renee …
    So glad that you, Matt and Jill had such a wonderful time together. While she would have loved to have bought a house right down the street from you (which means that St. Paul would never be the same), she could never tolerate the weather. That’s what happens when you’re born and raised in El-Lay. Hugs to you both!!!


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