Best laid plans…

I took full advantage of my weekend in the Detroit area by eating as much fish as possible. Cooking fish in the MoHo just isn’t something I want to do.  The last thing I want is a fishy-smelling MoHo.  So at dinner on Saturday night, I got salmon.  At breakfast Sunday morning, I ordered lox, egg and onions (with a salt bagel on the side – OMG!!) On Sunday night, I grilled up some fresh swordfish.  I was a happy bee.

The weekend in Detroit was lots of fun.  I pitched up at my friend Stu’s place in Birmingham.  Juno was very excited to have someone new to sleep with and I was excited to have a buddy for the Tigers game on Sunday!  We arrived early and took a stroll around the stadium, and got a drink at Cheli’s rooftop bar across the street from Comerica Park. The view was fantastic, we met a great couple from across the river (hi Michelle!!) and the Bloody Mary was quite tasty.

Once we got inside, we had great seats on the first base line.  The Tigers were giving up a lot of runs so I took a walk inside the park and was amazed at all the attractions they had: tiger carousel, baseball ferris wheel, and some baseball topiary.

Sadly, the Tigers lost but it was a glorious day and I loved the ballpark.

Monday morning was rainy and gloomy.  I know, I know…  I feel like Pigpen.  Except instead of trailing dirt, I trail rain wherever I go.  Anyway, I drove over to the uber-spooky Michigan Central Station which hasn’t been in use in decades.  From there, I sloshed my way to Grosse Pointe Farms for breakfast and a walk with Lani, an old friend/colleague who moved from the Bay Area to MI a couple of years ago.  We had a wonderful time catching up and seriously, if it wasn’t for the friggin’ winter, Michigan would be a serious contender on the “where should I live list.”

For those keeping track, I spent almost as much time in MI as I did in MT.  So many wonderful places to see – the only bummer is I inadvertently threw away my Mackinac Island sticker that I spent $5.30 on.  Good news is April and Paul are headed up there and they promised they’d get me another one for the MoHo fridge.

From Detroit, my plan was to head across Canada and then drop down to Portland, ME.  I was going to stop in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec.  Then I amended the plan slightly and decided to hit Niagara Falls first before proceeding to Toronto.  Got a reservation at the Motel 6 and Juno and I set off across the border!

After driving nearly four hours – most of which was spent trying to convert speed limits from kilometers to miles – I happily collapsed at the motel and then unhappily watched the debates.  No comment.  Because I can’t even…

This morning started out rainy but happily started clearing up by the time Juno and I got to the Falls. I had  heard that the Canadian side was prettier and yeah, it’s spectacular.  Because you are looking right at the American Falls and then it’s a short walk down to the Canadian Horseshoe Falls.  I made sure that Juno got to be a part of the Niagara experience too:

I did the Hornblower cruise and enjoyed every minute.  There’s a point at the Horseshoe Falls where you literally can’t see a thing. There is so much water creating so much mist that you are blind.  It’s awesome. The Rainbow bridge connects the US to Canada…  (hint: I’ll be crossing it later!)

After the boat cruise, I went to Journey behind the Falls. There are these platforms where you get to stand right next to Horseshoe Falls.  There are also tunnels where you are watching the falls from behind.

Added bonus: video footage of both of these moments:

Finished with my Niagara Falls experience, Juno and I took a stroll around the area.  It is full of family-friendly activities – ferris wheel, bowling, dinosaur mini golf, Frankenstein eating Burger King, haunted houses, and a blue moose which I guess is a Canadian brand or something?

So… the other thing I did last night was consult the map and discovered that because I had detoured to Niagara Falls, that it would be more efficient for me to drive back across the border, across NY and up to Portland.  Approximately 9 hours of travel time versus 12+ hours with the original plan. Like I said in the title, best laid plans…  I’ll see the rest Canada another time, on another trip.  Driving over the Rainbow Bridge, one last shot of Niagara and then boom, I’m in New York.

I used to hate Tuesdays when I was still working but this was definitely one of the best days I’ve had on this trip… yay for Tuesdays!  Time for some herbal tea and Amazon Prime.

State count:  15


3 thoughts on “Best laid plans…

  1. Jill I am loving following you across America!!! I am flying to Binghamton NY Tuesday-Sunday. Will you be around Upstate NY at all then?

    Keep on truckin’


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