Back on the Road Again

The title of this post has two meanings, which will become apparent as you read the latest and greatest.

Springfield should be renamed Lincolnville.  Seriously. Because that’s what Springfield is really all about.  And for good reason too!  You arrive at the capital and there’s a big statue of Lincoln in front.  It’s actually pretty cool because on the back side of the wall behind the statue is the farewell speech he gave before setting off for Washington DC to become president.

After walking the capital grounds, I headed over to the Lincoln Library and Museum. The library is primarily for research so I spent most of the time at the museum.  It is thoughtfully laid out with exhibits from Lincoln’s early days all the way through to his death and return to Springfield.  I’m only including a few pictures, including a political cartoon (they had an entire room full of them), a headline regarding Lincoln’s cabinet and their reaction to the first reading of the Emancipation Proclamation and a painting showing Lincoln receiving the news that the South had surrendered.  The date: April 9th (my birthday!)

They had a special room with some of Lincoln’s personal effects – one of which was his stovepipe hat.  Pictures weren’t allowed but you could see his fingerprints on the brim. The entire experience was very moving and I found myself getting choked up a couple of times during my visit.

From the Lincoln Museum, I headed over to the Lincoln House. The house was restored at the behest of Robert, Lincoln’s son.  And while most of the contents aren’t original, the desk in the picture was Lincoln’s – it was in his bedroom on the 2nd floor.  Note:  I also saw some cool Lincoln street art along the way…  And for those of you paying close attention, you will note the number of my parking spot.

I wrapped up my time in Springfield and instead of spending a second night there, opted to drive to Champaign for an evening.  I found a great neighborhood where I ended up meeting Annie, whose house I parked next to.  Turns out Anni is looking to sell her house, buy an RV and hit the road with her dog… sound familiar??!?!  Needless to say, we totally hit it off and I’m crossing my fingers that she and I will meet up down the road in the not-too-distant future.  (Hi Anni!)

The most awesome thing about Champaign is it’s the birthplace of the members of REO Speedwagon. How it is they don’t have some kind of special museum dedicated to these musical geniuses is beyond me – the only thing they have is the honorary street sign. So I drove downtown and took a picture.  For those keeping track, perhaps you now understand the first meeting of this blog post title…………


I departed Champaign, dialed up REO Speedwagon’s greatest hits on the iPod and within an hour, two extraordinary things happened:

  1. I found a Bob’s Big Boy in Danville, IL
  2. I crossed into Indiana – a new state!

I spent the last two nights holed up at a Quality Inn in the Castleton neighborhood of Indianapolis.  Basically did a whole lot of nothing.  Well, not nothing.  Juno got groomed yesterday so I was able to do human errands. I also did a thorough inside/outside cleaning  of the MoHo.  Here are pre and post grooming shots of Snug (the most handsome boy). I had only intended to spend one night at the Quality Inn but it was nice to just lie around that I decided to spend an extra night.  (And at $75 a night, it didn’t break the bank)

This morning it was time to motivate and do stuff. So I drove downtown to the capital and then took a walk along the canal.  The canal was nice with artwork lining the underpasses and plenty of landscaping outside.  Not sure where the Safe Place door led to…

But the best picture of the day was taken at the gas station. Because you never know when you might need a notary…


From Indianapolis, I got back on the road this afternoon (meaning #2 !!) and drove up to South Bend, which is where I am now.  I should also mention that I’m now on East Coast time.  So it’s 10:45pm and I’m tired.  Nitey nite.

State count: 13

3 thoughts on “Back on the Road Again

    • Hi Anni’s mom! Thanks so much for your note – great to hear from you and I really enjoyed meeting Anni (I’m going to go back and update the spelling of her name). Love my class b – just so easy to get around. Hope to see you both out on the road soon! Jill


  1. Awww, how did I miss the post with a shout out to me? Thank you 🙂 I have some catching up to do on your travels, but everything looks *so* amazing!! Keep it up, traveling she-ro.


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