Say Cheese!

Since it’s raining (again), I figured this would be a good time to do a quick post and update everyone on my activities over the last few days. First off, I found a house here in St. Paul that I’m mildly obsessed with – there’s an open house today at noon so I’ll be strolling over there as soon as I finish this post to take a look.  I’ve really been enjoying my time here in the Twin Cities (with the exception of an unfortunate lunch at White Castle) and definitely think St. Paul could also be a contender on the “Where is Jill going to live” list.

Renee and I left for Green Bay Thursday morning – we made sure we left plenty of time to stop and sample cheese curds/squeakers along the way.  About an hour after crossing the border to Wisconsin, we hit Marieke Gouda.    They have a huge visitors center and we had a blast – even Juno had fun!

We arrived at Lambeau around 5:30pm and the place was insane.  We had just enough time to enjoy a couple of adult beverages and take Juno for a stroll before the 7pm start time. And even though this was a pre-season game, the game was sold out. I mean, I realize this is Green Bay and there isn’t much else going on, but it’s impressive nonetheless. I still cheered for the Raiders though – calling out first-downs and cheering loudly when we scored.  Sadly there were no Raiders fans near by that joined me…  The game itself was pretty meh and the Raiders lost.  But spending the evening at Lambeau was awesome.  And the pretzel bite nachos were a fun snack.  Renee and I got a little selfie crazy – the picture in the lower right hand corner is our favorite.

After the game, we drove up north to Door County, WI.  I had heard this was an area that should be explored and we ended up parking/sleeping in the parking lot of the Maritime Museum in Sturgeon Bay.  We didn’t actually go to the museum but instead continued north through Egg Harbor en route to Fish Creek.  Cute town with adorable shops, good restaurants and fudge.  Yep – pretty much checked all the boxes. We wandered down to Sunset Beach and determined the body of water was Green Bay.  Afterwards we took a drive through Peninsula State Park.  The lighthouse was the only thing of note and since we had a five-hour drive back, we moseyed on out.  Stopped at Renards for more cheese curds and Machine Shed for a bowl of soup and arrived back in St. Paul around 10pm.

Matt and I are planning to see Metallica in concert tonight at the new Vikings stadium and I am pumped!  This is my last night in Minnesota – tomorrow I’ll do a little Prince-related sight-seeing before I head on down to Iowa.  Hope you are having a great weekend!

State count: 9

2 thoughts on “Say Cheese!

  1. Thing about Minneapolis is that when you show up in Summer you see all these happy, healthy people having the greatest time ever and you think “I might be able to live here!”

    But then you come back in February and realize why people are out and about so much in August. IT’s because the snow is coming soon and it’ll keep the place buried for 6 or 7 months. Case (well, an anecdote, anyway) in point. I had a housemate when I lived in SF about 25 years ago. He was a recovering heroin addict and he relapsed in January. So I called his father and since Adam had been though rehab a couple times already (and came from a happily moneyed family) he was shipped off to Hazelden in St. Paul. At the time it was considered the best rehab and treatment center in the US.

    So a couple of weeks later, I’m watching the ‘niners on Sunday morning (I know, but it was 1992 and that was really the only game in town) and the phone rings and it’s Adam calling from the rehab place just a couple miles away from where the niners were playing that day. He told me to never do smack because they might make you go to Minnesota in winter. He said that not only was it too cold to go out and play, but it was too cold to stand outside the door and smoke because it was SO cold that the space in the cigarette between the the burning cherry and your mouth was far enough for the hot smoke to nearly freeze.


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