Earth Wind and Fire

This will be my last blog post from Idaho as I’ll be heading t Montana later this morning.  Woo hoo!

Yesterday was a crazy day… I spent the morning walking around Ketchum and I’ll be honest, it was not my favorite place for a variety of reasons but I’d rather not get into details here. The high point was getting this picture of Juno in a gigantic chair wearing cowboy boots.


From Ketchum, we drove to Stanley via the Sawtooth Mountains on the recommendation of Denise, Juno’s dog sitter.  The drive through the mountains was incredible and Stanley was the perfect place to take a break and enjoy the scenery.  I met Nathan in the parking lot of the visitors center…  his trailer caught my eye and I had to get a closer look.  He made it himself from salvaged materials on a jet-ski trailer and it’s so friggin’ cool. My favorite part is the little Hobbit-hole door!

The only other thing on my Idaho checklist was getting to experience one of the natural hot-springs that are all over the state.  Fortunately, Sunbeam Hot Spring was about 20 minutes north of Stanley – right off the highway!  So I pulled over, threw on my bathing suit and headed on down.  Here’s a picture of my fellow bathers and a one showing the pipe where the water comes out.  Note: the water comes out at 130 degrees!!  The key is to find a place where the hot water mixes with the cold water from the Salmon River to get the perfect temperature.

The weather ended up getting really nasty once I left the hot spring.  Torrential rains, followed by strong winds, lightning and thunder.  As I passed through Salmon en route to North Fork, I started smelling smoke.  Sure enough, the lightning caused several fires on one of the mountains.  People were stopped along the road watching the fires – it was crazy.  I got to see some aerial firefighting first-hand – dropping fire retardant on the mountain very close to where I stayed last night.  The good news is by this morning, all the fires seem to be out.

Thank you Idaho for such a memorable week!  Here’s one final shot of the Salmon River… I can’t wait to come back.





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