Boy oh Boy-see!

Before I get started, let me just share where I am and what I just did.  I’m at the Best Western in Ketchum, Idaho where I just had a bath. Can I tell you how great it was to just sit in hot water for 20 minutes?  Yes, it’s 90 degrees out but it felt wonderful to just soak and not be limited by my 6 gallons of hot water in my tiny shower.  I’m probably going to take another bath tonight before bed.  And one more tomorrow before I leave.  Ha!

Okay, so I spent the weekend in Boise and other than the scorching heat, it was a terrific weekend. Juno and I wandered around downtown where we saw the capital building.  20160723_133902

Only a block or two from the capital is the Freak Alley Gallery filled with some of the coolest street art I’ve ever seen.  Here’s a little montage of my favorite pieces:

The following day had Juno and I up early as I wanted to take a tour of the old Idaho State Penitentiary which closed in 1973.  They offer guided tours and it was the best $6 I’d spent in a long time.  Our guide was super knowledgeable and my only regret is I didn’t get the Outlaws baseball t-shirt.  Note: I’m standing in one of the “punishment” cells.  Be sure to click on the picture in the lower right corner to read about this inmate.  Love his story!

After my prison visit, I met up with Gary Gelson for lunch at the Crescent Bar where we enjoyed bloody mary’s and tater tots on the patio.  I still can’t believe the resemblance between Gary and his uncle Bernie!


Juno and I hit the mall after lunch because I needed a cell phone cover and I wanted to walk around and enjoy free A/C for a while.  During our stroll, I saw these hilarious giant stuffed animals that you can ride around the mall!  $5 for 10 minutes.

My final Boise experience was taking a glass blowing glass at Boise Art Glass earlier today with Filip and Taran.  I made two pendants and I’m quite proud that they turned out so well.  Now I need a chain or something so I can wear them.  Would definitely like to take more glass blowing classes in the future!

I’m all caught up now and going to head out for dinner shortly.  But before I do, a few quick notes about driving in Idaho…  The speed limit once you get out of Boise on Hwy 84 is 80 MPH!!  The Roadtrek did great thought I will admit I missed the Porsche…  I passed a sign for Rodeo Drive but from the looks of it, it was nothing like where I grew up. Also, you don’t see “Deer Crossing” signs – they say “Game Crossing”!!  In other words, keep your rifle handy since you might be able to shoot yourself some dinner on the way home.  TTFN!

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