Off the Beaten Path…

Yes, yes, I’ve been slacking the last few days on posting anything.  But it’s because I’ve been busy enjoying all the sights and sounds of Idaho (it’s a good thing my first night in that dodgy RV park in Post Falls wasn’t an indicator of what I would experience).  Idaho is beyond beautiful – and if you like nature, being outdoors and/or on the water, it’s even better.

Before I took off, I purchased a book called Off the Beaten Path – it’s a wonderful guide with all sorts of groovy, unusual places to check out in each state.  I’ve already hit three places recommended for Idaho – Priest Lake, the town of Wallace and the Wolf Center.

Priest Lake is only 30 miles from the Canadian border – and there were a lot of Trump signs along the highway as I made my way north.  Ugh.  That aside, it was worth the drive as you can see from the pictures below.  Even Juno enjoyed our nature walk!

From Priest Lake, we drove back through Sandpoint, another totes adorbs town en route to Coeur d’Alene.  I tried to take some pictures of the lake but none of them did it justice – that’s how beautiful it is.  The town is charming and they happened to have a farmers market going on and I ended up buying more yarn (shocking, I know).  After a glass of wine at a wine bar/jewelry store/art gallery, Juno and I proceeded to Osburn for the evening. Note: I definitely want to go back and spend more time in Coeur d’Alene. Great vacay spot.

The next morning found us in Wallace, which is an old-timey mining town but with a lot going on. The annual ATV Jamboree was going on so there were tons of people in town.  I traded taking pictures with this woman outside the Red Light Garage – Juno is also in her pictures!

After a quick stop back in Coeur d’Alene and a late afternoon ice cream break in Moscow, we moseyed down to Winchester.  Winchester has a population of just over 300.  We stayed at the Winchester State Park that was practically empty but get this…  there was a couple camping next to me on a biking tour.  Turns out they were from Sacramento and the man also graduated from UC Davis. Go Aggies!  Here are a few shots of Winchester Lake – the water is so clear and still that the reflection is perfect…

I was at the Wolf Center promptly at 7:30am yesterday and Lindsey was our tour guide.  A lovely girl doing a summer internship from Univ of Tennessee.  The good news is one of the wolves immediately showed herself – XayXayz (pronounced Hi-Hi) is a grey wolf and was a sight to behold.

Juno and I decided to take it easy the rest of the day.  We drove to McCall (another cute town) and met a woman from Livermore when I stopped to get gas and walk Juno in Riggins.  BTW – driving through Hells Canyon along the Salmon River – wow wow wow. I want to go back and do some rafting there.  We spent the night at Ponderosa State Park on Payette Lake.  We were super lucky to get a site as the entire state of Idaho’s internet was down yesterday – don’t ask.  Anyway, here’s a picture of sunset on the lake and Idaho’s official candy bar…  I ate the candy bar last night.  It’s a weird fluffy, coconut thing.

Okay, I’m going to wrap up this post with another round of “Find the Snug!”


He was very tired.


5 thoughts on “Off the Beaten Path…

  1. Thank goodness you returned to blogging … some of us thought you fell off the dam after all.. Totally great photos and, having seen some spectacular lakes myself, I know that photos simply never do them justice. The Red Light Garage looks kinda small. Exactly what is it that’s garaged in there???


  2. All looks and sounds just great BUT ENOUGH with the green hair you’re a much better brunette. BTW will you be stopping at

    Oh and remember “Davis is not just a school it’s your friend.”I mean just look at what a Davis education has given to you…


  3. I just got caught up with your journey. It’s a wonderful way for me to get out of the heat and sameness of Ocala for a few minutes.


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