Any Dam Questions?

A quick post about my time/tour of the Grand Coulee Dam yesterday.  First off, it’s friggin’ amazing and I highly suggest visiting if you are ever in the area.

The drive up Rte 155 is gorgeous and I’m kicking myself that I didn’t stop and take pictures of Banks Lake.  With the canyons coming up on either side, it was such a pretty drive.  Anyway, they offer free tours every hour and Josh was our dam tour guide.  We got to go down into the dam and I loved how the elevator listed the elevation above sea level at each floor.  But standing at the top of the dam and looking down…  whoa. The picture here just doesn’t do it justice but it’s 350 feet down and I was afraid I’d drop my phone.  Josh informed us that divers have found a bowling ball and a car engine in the past.

After leaving the dam tour, I drove along Rte 2 and was surprised to see just how different Eastern Washington is from the rest of the state.  Rolling hills, scattered farms – I think I may have gotten a sneak peek at what the middle of the country looks like.

Juno and I finally stopped in Spokane, which I first heard about while watching Vision Quest in the 80’s (note: one of my FAVORITE 80’s films – who doesn’t like movies about high school wrestling??!).  Anyway, we enjoyed a burger and huckleberry milkshake at Mary Lou’s Milk Bottle and wandered around Garland Avenue enjoying the local street art.

After a few more stops in Spokane (someone told me about an amazing knitting store so I had to go), Juno and I crossed the border and spent the night in Post Falls, Idaho!  Yep – this is my first “new” state!  Needless to say, I’m anxious to get going and so I’m going to wrap up this post and head on out…


State count: 4

2 thoughts on “Any Dam Questions?

  1. I am just loving your blog except what about laundry day a clean pair of drawers are always nice. My staff Malinda Bennett is also enjoying the blog. It is also nice that besides your dog who is so lucky to spend like 24-7 with you that you have so many friends all over the country. Hugs and kisses jord


    • I do laundry every 4-5 days so no problem with having clean drawers. Actually doing laundry and a full interior cleaning of the RV tomorrow morning before I set out for the day. Glad that both you and Melinda are enjoying the blog. I won’t be seeing any friends again til mid-August so it’s just Juno and me for the next four weeks… Love your sis


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