Scoreboard: 2-0

Had a fantastic weekend in Seattle – after all the years I’ve been going to Seattle for business, it was nice to finally have a fun weekend…  I met up with my friends Hilary and Ginger and their dogs Gizmo and Leo – and the six of us headed over to Kirkland to meet up with some more folks at Kirkland Uncorked.  This was an all-day festival with wine tasting, food sampling and live music to benefit a pet rescue organization.  We drank lots of good wine and the dogs enjoyed themselves too.

After a long walk and a run with Hilary on Sunday morning, Juno and I took a walk around Queen Anne and I visited the EMP Museum downtown.  I was particularly excited as they had a special Star Trek exhibit.  The best part (other than seeing the original “bridge” was the Khan booth where you had the chance to be taped doing your best Shatner-yelling-Khan impersonation:

I wandered around the rest of the museum and I found myself asking the time-old question, “Did Greedo shoot first?”


Later that afternoon, I met up with my friend John and his wife Lauren and we spent the next several hours cruising around on their boat, enjoying Moscow Mules and buffalo burgers.  Juno got his sea legs in record time and the views from Lake Washington and Lake Union were incredible. I even took a video of a sea plane landing right in front of us but I can’t seem to upload it!  Grrrrrr!!!

After sleeping at the Marina, Juno and I took off this morning for Mt Rainier national park. I had identified Naches Peak Loop Trail as a perfect hike with Tipsoo Lake being my starting point.  But unfortunately, the weather was lousy.  Pouring rain, heavy fog that was rather scary to drive through at times and the hike just wasn’t going to happen.  Here’s a not so good picture of Tipsoo Lake (lower right) and a pretty picture an hour later coming off the mountain with the sky somewhat clearing up:

As you may know, I also got shut out of Crater Lake National Park due to inclement weather.  So the scoreboard is as follows:

National Parks – 2

Jill – 0

Yes, I’ve been to two parks but it doesn’t really seem to count if I can’t do anything.  It’s similar to flying through an airport in a foreign country but never leaving the airport.  Technically I’ve been to South Korea and Germany but haven’t ever done anything beyond walk around the terminal.

Our last stop for the day before heading to Soap Lake was Dick and Jane’s Spot in Ellensburg. An amazingly cool house with incredible artwork that has been attracting visitors for years and years.  You can see why!

Juno and I will be heading to the Grand Coulee Dam tomorrow but for now, that’s all.  It’s been a long day and I’m ready for dinner and an early night…  Toodles!

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