What’s up, Washington?!

Let me first start by saying that the Google Maps lady that lives inside my new phone is a genius.  I was rolling along the I-5 towards Olympia when I engaged her services for directions. Initially she told me there was a 25 minute delay between exits 109 and 114 (114 was the exit I was supposed to take), but as I got closer, the delay got longer…  35 minutes, an hour, an hour and a half.  But magically, about a mile out from exit 109, Google Maps lady asked if I’d like a detour that would get me to my destination in only 20 minutes time.  I accepted her request and she got me to my destination post haste.  Which is why I’m sitting here eating dinner and writing this blog post versus sitting in traffic.  Yay!

Anyway, I wrapped up a great week in Eugene and Portland the last couple of days. The Cascades Raptor Center was definitely a highlight – got to see so many amazing birds, including this Eagle Owl named Dmitri.  20160713_120335

My friend Reme treated me to a lovely lunch yesterday in Beaverton and I had lunch with my college buddy Stuart this afternoon. I wandered around downtown where I took this groovy picture:20160714_134530


I also hit the Pearl District for a little shopping and indulged in a delicious Blue Star donut. Today was errands day and I actually spent most of my time in the Verizon store getting a new phone (Samsung Galaxy S7!) and MiFi device because T-Mobile just wasn’t cutting it on the open road.  The key was to do as much shopping as possible in Oregon where there’s no sales tax.  Boom!

So amazingly, I made it to Washington safe and sound – taking these pictures while driving on the I-5 during rush hour wasn’t the smartest idea.

I’m just in Olympia for the night and then I’ll be heading to Seattle tomorrow morning for a fun-filled weekend of activities with various friends.  From there, I’ll be starting my journey east!  As of now, my plan is to hit Idaho, Montana, South Dakota and North Dakota over the next month.  I thought I’d be able to sneak in Wyoming but it might be too much. I did discover that the Psychedelic Furs and The Church are playing in Missoula later this month – might just need to be there for that!

State count: 3








4 thoughts on “What’s up, Washington?!

  1. Oh how wonderful it is for a mother to know that you take photos while driving on the interstate. If there’s any consolation in that, at least you’re looking through the windshield … a lot better than looking in your lap at your new smartphone, reading messages and texting. Sorry to hear you might miss Wyoming … can’t you drive faster????


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