So let me just start by saying that I love Bend.  Not as much as I love Juno, but it’s up there. I’ve already been on Zillow looking at homes for sale if that’s any indication… Everything that I’ve seen in the last 36 hours has been phenomenal – hence the new post. What’s particularly awesome is that everything is so close!  20 minutes from the center of town and you’re in the Deschutes Forest.  And you don’t even have to get on a freeway! Here’s a quick rundown on the things I’ve done since yesterday morning:

  • Tumalo Falls
  • Lava River Cave
  • Pilot Butte
  • Walked around downtown Bend
  • Smith Rock
  • Walked around Sisters
  • Sahalie and Koosah Falls

I’m grouping the waterfall pictures together – all were incredibly beautiful but I think Koosah was my fave (lower right hand corner pic):

And here are some pictures from my hike into Lava River Cave. This was such a cool (literally) experience… I walked a mile in a pitch-black cave with just my flashlight to guide the way.  There were many times there was no one in front or behind me which was really creepy and I felt like I was in a horror movie, but I soldiered on.  The first pic is the entrance, the second was taken just inside the cave and the last was the only picture I was able to capture underground – and only because the group coming towards me had so many flashlights:

The last group of pictures are from the top of Pilot Butte which is just outside the center of Bend. A great city hike where the views are your reward, Smith Rock which is about 30 minutes north of Bend in Redmond, and some requisite nature-y shots from my walk from Salahie to Koosah Falls this afternoon.

But what makes Bend really spectacular?  Because you can get your quilting supplies and guns in the same shopping center!  Sign. Me. Up.


Time to take Juno for his evening stroll.  Tomorrow I’ll be enjoying the sites and sounds of Eugene.  Ta for now!


6 thoughts on “Bendissimo!

  1. Simmer down on that Bend house-buying enthusiasm, sister. It’s too early in your trip to be deciding where you’re going to live next. After all, you and Snug haven’t spent any quality time in Chicago yet!


  2. Quilting supplies AND guns?????? My goodness, what more could you ask for when searching for a new home. I assume that you were well armed when you entered the cave, lest you run into a boogey person or two.


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