Snow in July?

Morning!  I’m sitting here in the RV enjoying my daily green juice and cottage cheese breakfast – Juno is curled up on the drivers seat which is perfectly sunny. But where are we???

But before I get to my Oregon adventures, let me back up and finish up my time in California.  When I left off last time, I was sitting in a parking lot in Crescent City. From there, we went to the Mystery of Trees in Klamath.   We walked amongst the redwoods in the rain and it was really quite spectacular.  My favorite was the Cathedral Tree:20160708_135632

Juno and I then took the cable car up to the top.  Juno wasn’t too fond of the cable cars as they pulled onto the platform and was barking like crazy.  But he got into the spirit of things once we were on board (note: had to apologize for dirty paw prints on seat).

Unfortunately we weren’t able to see anything at the top due to all the rain so we came back down and headed out.  The plan was to stay in Klamath another night but I was so tired of the rain that I made an executive decision to cross the border that afternoon/evening and spend the night in Grants Pass, Oregon.  I stayed at the Josephine County Fairground.

The next morning, Juno and I drove to Medford to visit my new friend Robin (another BHHS grad – go Normans!) and her dogs Lorenzo and Sonja. Robin was a wonderful hostess and we spent most of the day in Ashland.  Ashland is incredible and definitely a place I would consider moving.  Reminds me a lot of College Avenue…  We then hit Paschal Winery late in the day for a glass of wine before returning to Medford.

Yesterday morning I went running by Robin’s house and here’s a picture of her view… pretty extraordinary!20160710_092244

I planned on driving to Crater Lake yesterday and taking in the sights but the weather did not comply.  I watched the temperature drop the closer I got and right after I paid $15 to enter (with the ranger telling me to be mindful of the fog), it started to snow. Yep – it was literally freezing.  But I soldiered on hoping that maybe I’d get lucky once I hit the Rim.  Juno and I bundled up and got out -walked to the edge – and this is what I saw…

Snow. Snow. Snow.  And Fog. By comparison, my friend Tim was at Crater Lake on July 4th and here was the view he had:


Yeah, I was a little bummed.  Okay – a lot bummed.  Sigh.

So we left Crater Lake and drove straight through to Bend, which is where we are now.  It’s a beautiful morning so I’m going to sign off and head out and enjoy the day.  By the way, the RV park I’m staying at is like the Ritz Carlton of RV parks – it’s got tennis, a hot tub, gym, grassy fields, horseshoe pits… tres chic!

State count: 2

5 thoughts on “Snow in July?

  1. So happy for you both, and it is so good to see you! Thank you for sharing because I’m going to be leaving in 2 weeks, and I plan on following your trail. I am considering moving to Ashland, OR. Such an amazing area. Stay safe and have fun!!


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