Redwoods, Dahlias and Snug Alley

I’m currently sitting here in the parking lot of Ocean World in Crescent City, CA.  It’s cold, foggy, and rainy – kind of like San Francisco in the summer.  The reason I’m in the parking lot is I have a good WiFi connection.  The place I stayed last night (and will stay again tonight) is super remote.

So!  It’s been busy the last couple of days…  On Wednesday, Juno and I hit the Elk River Trail which is part of the Headwaters Forest Reserve.  We hiked a couple of miles in the morning which was a great way to start the day.  From there, we drove into Eureka. Took a picture of the Carson Mansion which is supposedly the most photographed house in California?  We then walked around Old Town Eureka where I found Snug Alley!

From there, we visited a public garden with the most incredible dahlias I’ve ever seen.  I seriously spent 30 minutes walking around taking pictures.

I was given a recommendation to visit Ferndale, which is exactly what I did after departing Eureka.  Ferndale is adorable.  Adorable main street with great shops lining the street.  So glad I visited.

Thursday found Juno and me in Arcata for the day.  We took a lovely morning stroll amongst the redwoods in the Community Forest located next to Humboldt State University.  Then grabbed lunch at Los Bagels downtown.  Another stroll around town followed.  Then I went to the Finnish sauna which is the hottest sauna I’ve ever been in.  Seriously – I think sitting on the sun’s surface would have been slightly cooler.  After 30 minutes of that, I was done.  I must have drank a gallon of water after that.

Spent last night at Klamath by the river and again, while cell coverage was nonexistent and WiFi was spotty, the view was incredible. Here’s what it looked like from my “front porch”

20160707_163515 Pretty much caught up now.  Juno and I visited Battery Point Lighthouse this morning and now we’re heading back towards Klamath but will be stopping at Mystery Trees on the way.

Heading to Oregon tomorrow morning and will be spending the weekend in the Medford/Ashland area.  Can’t wait to finally make it across the border!!


5 thoughts on “Redwoods, Dahlias and Snug Alley

  1. Great photos, as usual. Would have liked to see a picture of The Snug in front of Snug Alley. What’s in Snug Alley anyway? Amazing dahlias, plus the gorgeous and interesting-looking butterfly. As for the nonexistent cell connection and lousy Wi-Fi, you got lucky. If that was the view from your front porch, I would have stayed another week. Or another month. WOW!

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  2. Really enjoying all your postings. Wish I had the gumption to follow your example. No wifi sounds dreamy…communing with nature and appreciating it all is a blessing. Kudos to you. Requesting photos of you and Juno 🚐🐶🚐🐶🚐🐶


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