I’m on my way!

Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July weekend.  I hunkered down in Healdsburg at my friends Chris and Mary’s house.  They, along with their four boys Nicholas, Gary, Paul and Luke, were wonderful hosts and I spent the weekend enjoying fireworks, many BBQs and free laundry facilities. Juno loved playing with the boys and he even tried to be brave around their horses!


I hit the road this morning and opted to take the 128 so I could stop at Navarro, one of my favorite wineries.  By 11:30am, I had a glass of their amazing Edelzwicker in my hand and all was right with the world.  But the best part was the guy who was doing the pouring also had a Bedlington Terrier!!


Mendocino was cold and foggy but Juno and I took a long stroll around town and then I ate lunch in the RV before we set off again.  Next stop was the Mendocino Botanical Gardens, just outside Ft Bragg.  The gardens and the ocean views were both spectacular.  And nothing I like more than a sign that asks you to “please stay on the grass”.

I arrived early this evening in Fortuna after a long day and will be staying here tomorrow night as well.  Hitting Eureka (and downtown Fortuna) tomorrow, and Klamath later this week.  So far, so good…

7 thoughts on “I’m on my way!

  1. Was a great weekend and we were thrilled to be your first stop! Have safe and fun travels and our laundry facilities are always available whenever you are coming back through.


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