Welcome to my blog!


As you know by now, I decided to take the next year off and have an adventure…  I sold my house and bought a Roadtrek RV.  My dog Juno and I will be driving around the US checking out all that this amazing country has to offer. I’ll try to post at least a couple of times a week so be sure to check back often!

I’m really excited to see all of my friends around the country and welcome any and all suggestions of places to go, things to do and people to meet while I’m zipping around. I also hope to upload some kind of map that shows where I am and my proposed route for the upcoming weeks/month…

The picture you see on the title page was taken while driving from Carmel to Los Angeles while driving through Spreckels.  And my sister took the picture at the beginning of this post as I was departing from LA.

Finally, in case you’re wondering what my blog title means, it’s Juno’s nickname (The Snug) and my mother’s nickname for me (Queen Bee) – hence Snug and Bee in an RV!